Education: 2023 Precinct ReOrg

12-12-2022 - - SCGOP Whistleblower Goes On Record

10-04-2021 - Medical Freedom Rally Greenville SC

07-06-2021 - GCGOP Special Meeting Reporting Findings on #ElectionFraud

05-11-2021 - Zoom Call with Mr. Lin Wood

04-28-2021 - Zoom Call with Mr. Lin Wood

2021-04-16 - Lt. General Mike Flynn, Tulsa OK, endorses 
Lin Wood for SCGOP Chair 

2021-03-30 - Question to Lin Wood - "Why did you encourage people not to vote in the Georgia runoff election?"
Listen to his answer below 👇

03-16-2021 - Online Precinct ReOrg Training

03-09-2021 - Online Precinct ReOrg Training

03-02-2021 - Online Precinct ReOrg Training - The Robert's Rules Of Order

“Republican” Legislators ENDORSING Democrats against Republicans?

November 2020 Election – SC Senate Race

Steve Bannon - 02-09-2021 - War Room: Pandemic
 "Precinct Committeeman Tutorial"

02-16-2021 - ReOrg Online Training Clip
 You have to see this to beleive it:

02-16-2021 - General Flynn encourages people to get involved on the precinct level!

02-18-2021 - "In Person" Precinct ReOrg Training

02-23-2021 - Online Precinct ReOrg Training

02-24-2021 -Investigative journalist Tracy Beanz's discussion on Lt. Governor's comments about SC GOP Precinct ReOrg and "splinter groups" on The Liz Callaway Show!

PowerPoint Presentation (ver 02/18/2021):  Click HERE.