Education: 2023 Precinct ReOrg

The MAGA / America FIRST / Republican Platform Agenda is a collaborative project of like-minded, constitutionally-driven, patriotic and conservative groups across South Carolina who want to support and defend constitutional values and drain the swamp in Columbia. The RINO political elite in the SCGOP do not consider themselves the "swamp" ... but the legislation they pass, the proposed legislation they refuse to consider, and graft and corruption in state agencies that they tolerate show otherwise.  We need change, and it starts with the SCGOP statewide and locally.

Purge the RINO Establishment Elite

We have a problem.  Everyone knows it.  SC was recently rated the "MOST LIBERAL RED STATE IN THE COUNTRY"We need to fix this and it can only be done by purging the SCGOP of RINOS. 

Unpaid SCGOP Chairman
Political "consultants" have dominated the SCGOP Chairman position over the past decade since that position was made a PAID position.  The SCGOP Chairman should be a volunteer oversight position, not a highly paid substitute for failed political consultants to sell out our State and Republican values. 

Close the SC Primaries
Let's strengthen the party! Republicans should be choosing Republican Party candidates.  Right now, Democrats vote in our primaries and help choose our nominees.

Election Integrity
We know what happened in all the swing states on November 3rd, 2020.  But it happened here too. We need to push for election reforms.

True Conservative Leadership
We need to adhere to the Constitution and the Republican Platform & Creed.  Most legislators do not.  The Republican Party was built on conservative ideals.  Let's bring those values back! Every legislative proposal should reference the portion of the Republican Platform it is enacting, and legislation that does not should be soundly rejected by our elected officials. 

We value all human life! The Republican Party should be in favor of protecting life from the womb to the tomb.  The recently passed Heartbeat bill needs to be supported in the courts and the state should refuse to provide any funding to Planned Parenthood or other abortion providers.

Pro-Educational Choice

Let's build our future! Give parents the ability to ensure their children receive the best education possible without government strings attached.

SC Judicial Reform

South Carolina is the only state in the nation where judges are selected by the state legislature.  This is a conflict of interest. South Carolina deserves an independent judicial system.

Income Tax Reform

South Carolina has the highest income tax rate in the southeast because of all the waste and corruption in the legislative budget process.  South Carolina has a spending problem in Columbia and we are all paying for it with higher taxes. We endorse lowering the income tax rate with a goal of eliminating the income tax.

Recall Legislation
South Carolinians, like citizens in every state, deserve the right to recall legislators. Our legislators make promises that get them elected.  When they break their promises, their constituents need to be able to hold them accountable. 

Repeal the Gas Tax

Reform the DOT system.  Until then, repeal the gas tax.

Pro-2nd Amendment
The 2nd Amendment guarantees our ability to preserve all of our liberties.  Open carry has been demonstrated in other states to be a major deterrent of crime. We will seek to enact open-carry laws and any restrictions on 2nd Amendment rights will be staunchly opposed